Four Hospitality Leaders Give Tips on Connecting with Congress

U.S. Capitol, Congress

During the 2018 Legislative Action Summit, hospitality industry leaders from AHLA and the AAHOA shared their advice for hoteliers when meeting with elected officials and the importance of sustaining ongoing relationships with members of Congress.

“Keep in mind that you are the experts. You are the employers, you run your business, you know how it works on a day-to-day basis. These members of Congress, they’re meeting with hundreds of constituents and talking about many different industries. You need to educate them on how your business operates and what the key legislative priorities are.” — Brian Crawford, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, AHLA

“[Legislators] have these types of meetings every single day. Make sure you tell your story, because that will impress your member of Congress to where you can personally connect with them.” — Chip Rogers, President & CEO, AAHOA

“All together, we are powerful. We are more united and when we speak with one voice, and there’s an impression that we do great things.” — Katherine Lugar, President & CEO, AHLA


“If you look historically, major legislation doesn’t always happen in one cycle. Oftentimes, you build on it cycle after cycle because they keep hearing the same message coming from you.” — Chirag Shah, Vice President, Government Affairs, AAHOA

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