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Fontainebleau Las Vegas: How One of the Country’s Largest Construction Projects Is Shaping Up

Brett Mufson, president of Fontainebleau Development, a real estate development group specializing in large-scale lifestyle developments, recently added to his title “president and CEO of Fontainebleau Las Vegas,” one of the largest construction projects in the United States. Set to debut in the fourth quarter of 2023, the property is Fontainebleau’s first in Las Vegas and marks the brand’s western expansion. LODGING recently caught up with Mufson to learn how the project is progressing and how his team is “pioneering a new hotel for a new era and ushering in the next generation for the Las Vegas Strip.”

How has the development been progressing thus far? What’s the current timeline?

We are on track for our global debut in the fourth quarter. As you may know, we reached a milestone recently by closing a $2.2 billion construction loan, bringing us one step closer to realizing our dream. With that financing in place, construction continues, and we remain on schedule to bring this incredible resort to Las Vegas in the fourth quarter of this year.

What are your top priorities in the year ahead?

Above all, my priority is to not only ensure that our progress continues and that we are fully prepared for our scheduled opening in the fourth quarter of this year, but that we’re delivering a new experience for visitors to Las Vegas that’s unlike anything else in the market.

I’m also focused on developing and fostering the Fontainebleau culture. We want our family of team members to recognize that there are just a few thousand of us—in the world—that have the opportunity to create the kind of experiences that Fontainebleau Las Vegas creates. When we welcome our guests, they will see the camaraderie, the respect, the dignity, and the sincerity that is provided by how our staff all work together.

What’s your vision for Fontainebleau Las Vegas?

Our mission is to provide a new experience for the guest in Las Vegas. Every detail of the property has been developed and considered with the guest in mind, from the design to the integrated layout of the resort’s programmatic elements to the incredible staff who are committed to maintaining the highest level of service.

Our brand has roots that go back 70 years when we established the concept of a resort destination. There is a personality that exists within the Fontainebleau brand, a style and an attitude—classic beauty, unparalleled service, and forward-thinking design. Our goal for Fontainebleau Las Vegas is to bring the same energy and authentic culture to the Strip, while also ensuring we’re meeting the desires of the modern-day luxury traveler who is looking for tailored and hyper-personalized experiences.

The hotel will be a destination unto itself with approximately 3,700 rooms and suites, gaming space, a world-class collection of restaurants, retail, pool experiences, vibrant day and nightlife, health and wellness offerings, and meetings and convention space.

For our guests, we want Fontainebleau Las Vegas to become a forever memory—when they are here, they become part of the experience.

What will this property mean for the Strip? What will set it apart?

We’re introducing a new model of luxury hospitality into one of the world’s most-visited cities. Notably, what sets us apart, aside from the iconic Fontainebleau brand, is the unique and elegant design of our property. The hotel, the retail space, the casino floor, food and beverage, and entertainment venues—all of them are integrated around the podium-like shape of Fontainebleau Las Vegas. No other property in Las Vegas boasts the same accessibility within its design. We aim to be one of the most accessible properties in the world, where guests can effortlessly reach the conference levels, for example, without having to navigate the casino. We’re creating a seamless experience for leisure and business travelers moving from one place to another. One more thing that separates us: our location. Fontainebleau Las Vegas will serve as the centerpiece for the northern end of the Strip, and with the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall expansion within steps of the resort, we provide unprecedented access and synergistic opportunity for meeting and convention planners.