TechnologyClarabridge Acquires Market Metrix

Clarabridge Acquires Market Metrix

RESTON, Va.—Clarabridge Inc., a provider of intelligent Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, has announced the acquisition of Market Metrix, an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform in the leisure and hospitality industries. Market Metrix will complement and extend Clarabridge’s analytics and measurement-focused CEM offerings with the addition of a robust, results-oriented feedback management platform. The combined CEM solution enables organizations to better listen to, analyze, and act on customer feedback across all channels and throughout the enterprise, at the executive, analyst, and operational levels.

“Customer Experience Management is becoming mission critical to many enterprises. A common vision that emerged from our engagement with thousands of organizations is the market’s need for an end-to-end solution that integrates customer feedback from all sources, apply advanced text and sentiment analytics to identify themes and drivers of customer satisfaction, as well as surface critical operational issues, and coordinate engagement activities that ultimately help companies drive customer loyalty and profitability,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge. “The merger between Clarabridge and Market Metrix enables us to bring this vision to reality, as the currently fragmented CEM market starts its convergence toward a complete solution suite.”

“It’s important that CEM solutions put feedback to work across the enterprise, powering strategic decision making as well as operational excellence with every customer interaction,” said Lenny Nash, CEO of Market Metrix. “These two companies could not be more complementary. The combined offerings will equip enterprises with everything they need to put the voice of the customer to work.”

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