Hotel Carpet Trends for 2013

The right carpeting can make a big statement in public spaces or blend seamlessly into a guestroom space. We checked in with design experts from Stacy Garcia and Brintons to find out what hotel carpet trends are taking over the hotel industry in 2013.


Kind of Blue
Water, sky, denim, and ultramarine are dominating many color palettes. With an increased focus on environmental factors, water and sky colors will remain a strong focus.

  • Why It’s Hot: Blue is a universal color that is known for its soothing and calming effects. Blue carpets are said to produce a coastal and tranquil feel to an interior. It pairs well with chocolate brown, lush greens, creamy whites, and silvery grays.

Go for Gold
Grays are becoming more taupe, and browns are making a comeback. But golds are also an important neutral.

  • Why It’s Hot: Gold is a derivative of the color orange, which increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity.  Gold evokes the feeling of prestige and often symbolizes high quality.


For the Guestrooms
Tight, small designs or a mix of large-scale designs with tight, small-scale designs are ideal for guestrooms. Carpet tile and hard surface flooring are also gaining popularity.

  • Why It’s Hot: Small designs work best because of the intimacy and scale of the guestroom. Carpet tile allows for the ease of replacing one tile as opposed to replacing a whole room of carpet. Spaces with hard surface flooring can be enhanced with area rugs to add warmth, color, and texture.

For Public Spaces
Lots of large-scale and asymmetrical designs, as well as custom engineered carpets, are popping up in public spaces, convention centers, casinos, and lobbies.

  • Why It’s Hot: Hospitality spaces should have a welcoming, warm design, and big spaces benefit from larger, free-form designs. Hotels are also looking for custom dynamic patterning that is outside the box of what traditional repeat patterns would look like. Custom designed carpet is engineered with free-form design to fit the space.


Lots of Layers
Intricate layers are being merged to produce striking effects.

  • Why It’s Hot: There has been an eclectic fusion of design trends, and as technology advances, the quality and intricacy of designs are becoming more refined.
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