Bathroom Design Trends to Watch

Dave Sanders, president of American Bath Remodeling, has more 30 years of experience with hospitality bathroom products and design. Throughout his tenure in the industry, he has seen a number of enduring design trends in hotel bathrooms. Here are the top three trends he expects to see through the next few years.

Footprints are consistent, especially in chain hotels. “For many of the big chains, it’s still the standard configuration with the vanity top, the bathtub, and the wall surround. We thought for sure hotels would be getting rid of tubs and moving toward showers, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.”

Hotels are trending away from tile. “Tile is hard to clean, the grout lines get dirty, they leak into the wall. When we put in new wall surrounds, even if they look like tile, they’re all one solid piece to make cleaning easier and make the area more waterproof.”


When it comes to Granite countertops, neutral colors are in. “When hoteliers invest in a granite countertop—which many choose to do—they’ve been leaning toward more neutral colors. This is actually recommended because the countertop is built to last much longer than the other components in the room—like the toilet, shower walls, and vanity—and can be reused or repurposed when the hotelier decides to upgrade the space.”