Industry NewsAHLA Releases Statement Opposing the PRO Act

AHLA Releases Statement Opposing the PRO Act

WASHINGTON—American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) President and CEO Chip Rogers is speaking out after lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced the PRO Act of 2023.

“The lodging industry has long provided a pathway for fulfilling careers and the means for employees and entrepreneurs to achieve the American Dream. Unfortunately, the PRO Act, reintroduced in Congress this week, would undermine workplace flexibility and upward mobility for workers and create extensive and costly regulatory burdens for small business owners. While every worker has the right to freely join a union, the PRO Act would encroach upon worker privacy, subvert secret ballot elections, and manufacture joint employer liability in an effort to impose a union on businesses and workers. We strongly oppose this damaging bill, which threatens to destroy jobs and assail businesses just as our economy is beginning to return to pre-pandemic normalcy.”