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A Joint Venture Forms EHG, The English Hospitality Group

LAS VEGAS—Chef Todd English and global entrepreneur Keith Burkard announced the formation of their newest joint venture EHG, The English Hospitality Group. Featuring restaurants, hotels, nightlife venues, and ghost kitchens, both domestically and internationally, EHG has positioned itself as a global operator, owner, and developer.

“Keith’s proven success in identifying, scaling, and building a diverse portfolio of new hospitality ventures combined with my history of delivering unique and impactful experiences to my guests in a creative and Instagrammable way makes EHG a formidable force in the industry,” said Todd English, partner and master chef, EHG, The English Hospitality Group. “Our distinctive discipline, innovative mindset, and industry experience has ultimately enabled our portfolio to perform and grow even during tumultuous market conditions.”

EHG’s value of entrepreneurial hustle allows its organizational leadership to identify and assess trends to get into new markets and build brands encompassing market endurance. Aside from an array of existing Todd English restaurants, the following ventures are scheduled for 2022 and beyond:

  • The English Hotel Chain launches in March 2022 with its Las Vegas location. Located in the Las Vegas Arts District, the boutique hotel will feature art exhibitions and a dining experience with chefs from around the world. EHG has identified additional locations in Miami, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Macao China in the expansion pipeline.
  • In Los Angeles, EHG will introduce MIA by Todd English, a day club and music experience.
  • Also in Los Angeles, EHG is unveiling a members-only day and nightclub, featuring a multi-purpose space for business and other gatherings and food with various nightlife activations.
  • EHG is opening two more Todd English Signature Olives restaurants, a waterfront location in Miami, and Olives in downtown New York that will have a cocktail lounge, restaurant, and nightclub.
  • In Stamford, Connecticut, EHG will debut an 80,000 square foot Todd English food hall and art exhibition.
  • Partnering with Reef Global, EHG will launch Pound Burger by Todd English ghost kitchens in Dubai with additional locations to follow.
  • EHG partner Keith Burkard, LastLeaf launched THC-infused food items in California with expansion plans to Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, and more with strategic partners.

“The English Hospitality Group will be elevating the consumer experience. We carry tremendous grit for innovation and are a global leader on the forefront of technology and understanding what consumers want,” commented Keith Burkard, partner, EHG, The English Hospitality Group. “Our biggest strengths are our willingness to take diversifiable risks and our focus on concepts and trends that others may shy away from. This uniquely positions us to achieve success with partners that understand the market and appreciate authentic opportunities that challenge the status quo.”