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Wedding Crashers Costing Hotel Industry

Weddings are big business for hotels, as partygoers book up event space and blocks of guestrooms get sold to guests. But it looks like crashers are starting to cost the hotel industry, according to this report from CNBC.

Hotels often offer special wedding discount codes for online bookings for events held at the hotel. Wedding guests can then use the code to receive the special rate. But with more couples publicizing their weddings through websites and on Facebook, it’s easy for scammers to find the discount codes and use them to receive a rate cut on a room in the wedding block. And most crashers fly under the radar since most couples don’t check in with the hotel to see which wedding guests booked at a hotel.

Alan Fields, co-author of “Bridal Bargains” explains that if couples are worried they’re getting close to selling out the room block, they should check with the hotel to make sure crashers aren’t filling any of those spots. If so, real wedding guests could be forced to pay higher room rates if the block fills up.

But most hotels are not very concerned about room-block crashers, as selling a room at a discounted rate often trumps that room remaining unfilled for the night.

More over on CNBC.

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