What’s New In Foodservice and Housekeeping?

7 top foodservice and housekeeping products from leading hospitality suppliers.

1Space-Saving Dishwasher

Auto-Chlor System’s U34 SpaceSaver Dishmachine fits under a 34-inch table or countertop and has a washing capacity that accommodates full-size standard 20 inch-by-20 inch dish racks. With a 90-second wash cycle, it can wash up to 37 racks an hour. The U34 dishmachine features Auto-Chlor’s proprietary water-saving technology and requires no auxiliary water heater. autochlor.com/dishmachine/undercounter-dishwasher-u34/

2Grass-Fed Beef

Cuisine Solutions’ Sliced Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin is fully cooked and pasteurized and has an 18-month shelf life frozen. Before cooking it to a perfect medium-rare using sous vide, it is sliced, seared, and simply seasoned with salt and pepper to enhance its natural flavor. This USDA-certified sirloin is all natural. cuisinesolutions.com/products/sliced-beef-sirloin/

3Foodservice POS System

From tableside to in-room dining, Toast for Hotel Restaurants foodservice POS integrates with major hotel property management systems to power modern dining experiences for guests. Enabling staff to process room charges directly from the POS, Toast empowers operators to drive F&B sales, increase kitchen efficiency, and improve guest satisfaction. pos.toasttab.com

4Smoke Odor Remover

Ecolab’s ZephAir Tough Odor Remover helps reduce room turn time and increases guest satisfaction by quickly removing strong odors. The product is formulated to be especially effective on marijuana smoke and tobacco odor. Designed with odor-eliminating technology, it tackles malodor molecules without leaving an oily residual, making it great for use on soft surfaces. ecolab.com

5Housekeeping Optimizer

Hotel Effectiveness Housekeeping Optimizer by Actabl streamlines room attendant scheduling, board creation, and performance monitoring. Powered by AI and Inventory Horizon, the tool automates scheduling and offers real-time forecasts, optimizing room turnovers, revenue, and labor costs. Whether for single properties or portfolios, it enhances efficiency, visibility, and time savings, ensuring clean rooms and satisfied guests. actabl.com

6Concentrated Detergent

Charlie’s Soap’s concentrated Laundry Liquid detergent comes in a five-gallon bucket and deep cleans about 640 large loads of laundry (one ounce per large wash), as it removes trapped odors and stains. The product is hypoallergenic and safer for the environment. Plus, it removes residues from previous detergent. No need for fabric softener. Septic safe. charliesoap.com

7Housekeeper Garments

EffortFlex collection by Cintas was developed for workers living in motion. It offers a fabric that is flexible and breathable, with convenient features that are hallmarks of Cintas garments. With professional laundry and delivery service, hotel operators can count on hygienic laundering, inspection, and repairs with convenient delivery on their schedule. cintas.com

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