Wallcoverings Offer a Deep Well 
of Options for Hotel Designers

Paradigm Design Group wallcoverings

When it comes to design, hotels occasionally struggle to find a balance between aesthetics and durability, especially because designers don’t want a certain element to go out of style before it’s replaced. As such, wallcoverings are becoming more commonplace in hotels. They add character and innovation to a space at a reasonable price point, and can encompass anything a designer desires. Paradigm Design Group founder and president Lisa Haude says that her company has been incorporating wallcoverings into their designs now for quite some time.

“There are endless possibilities at our fingertips. We work with various manufacturers to find the right look for each property. Sometimes, we need something bold and dramatic, while other projects need something simple and clean. It really depends on what feels right,” she describes.

Haude says that as far as trends go, Paradigm has seen many hotels turn to florals and textures to attract guests to a certain space. “Sleek and neutral is always a safe and stylish option, but bold colors, patterns, and textures really add that wow-factor for travelers around the globe,” she notes.

Paradigm Design Group


Interior designers can exude their most creative and innovative concepts when developing pieces like wallcoverings for hotels. Haude, who notes that Paradigm has a dense pipeline of projects, adds, “I love the creativity it allows us. We have endless possibilities at our fingertips and I find joy in collaborating with other designers to create something unique and different.”

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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.