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Value Place Debuts New Design Generation

WICHITA, Kan.—Value Place unveiled a refreshed property standard that delivers cost efficiency and convenience for operators and new room features for guests. The new “Value Place 2.0” offers enhancements that range from more energy-efficient lighting and appliances to improved locking systems and expanded storage and counter space.

Value Place’s property in Alpharetta, Ga., is the first location to incorporate the 2.0 features throughout the building. Intended as the established standard for all future development, the upgrades are being implemented in all new Value Place properties and phased in at existing locations.

“We are very excited to roll out the first substantial overhaul of our concept since we opened the first Value Place 10 years ago,” said Kyle Rogg, Value Place president and chief operating officer. “We listened to our franchisees, our managers and, of course, our guests to create dynamic improvements that make the Value Place experience even more user-friendly.”

Operational benefits come from new upgrades that make housekeeping upkeep faster and easier, including luxury vinyl tile flooring, wall-hung furniture, accessible bed bases, and laminated kitchen walls. Guests will find dresser and TV stands with extra storage, ceramic cooktops that provide more counter space, and in-room shelving and rail systems that make hanging and retrieving clothing smoother.

Several components of the new design generation introduce greater operational efficiency, such as improved energy-saving refrigerators and new, 7,000-BTU packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) with remote management to ensure units run only when needed. Corridors feature LED lights for lower utility costs and less-frequent bulb changes, while motion sensors in guest rooms control lighting without wasting energy.

A new radio-frequency identification (RFID) system will be implemented, and rooms will also feature improved toilet tank hardware to cut the risk of malfunctions.

A $100 million private equity investment from New York-based Lindsay Goldberg LLC, announced in January, is facilitating the upgrade of existing properties and the development of additional locations to meet the new 2.0 standard.

The concept was created by Jack DeBoer, a lodging veteran who founded Residence Inn, the upscale all-suite Summerfield Hotel chain and the Candlewood Hotel Co. He also developed more than 16,000 apartments in 30 cities across the U.S., and continues to guide the evolution of the Value Place brand.