TechnologyUpStay Expands to the North American Market

UpStay Expands to the North American Market

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and NEW YORK — UpStay, a provider of ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry, announced the expansion of its global operations to serve the revenue growth needs of hoteliers throughout the North American market. Benefitting from a presence in several international markets, UpStay’s entry into North America follows a company growth strategy that has resulted in the adoption of its data-driven and risk-free upselling solution by multiple hotel businesses operating throughout the region.

With its Ancillary Revenue suite, UpStay will now provide North American hoteliers with the ability to use new sources of revenue and convert 20 percent of pre-arrivals into either room upgrades or booking add-on purchases. UpStay platform includes its ability to function as an automated technology that leverages analytics to personalize upsell recommendations and increase conversion rates. With no monthly subscription and with hoteliers only incurring a nominal fee upon upsells, UpStay maximizes hotel profitability and satisfaction scores by allowing each guest to place bids on available upgrades or add-on options. UpStay’s solution ensures that hotel inventories are sold at the highest possible price point while elevating guest experiences.

“UpStay’s technology has been credited by countless major hotel brands and independent properties for providing them with the means to proactively uncover revenue growth opportunities in real-time, and we are thrilled to provide such enhanced capabilities to the North American hotel market,” said Tzfrir Blonder, CEO at UpStay. “Among the first properties within the region to benefit from our advanced solutions are The Lucerne Hotel and The Wallace Hotel in New York, and we look forward to serving the needs of even more North American hoteliers, as they seek to grow their own revenue streams and run a more competitive business.”

Compatible with an array of PMS and booking engines, UpStay provides guests with recommendations in real-time and updates hotel systems to reflect any purchases made. This allows property staff to focus their attention on improving the experiences of current guests while ensuring that those set to arrive are greeted with the appropriate upgrade offerings that were purchased.