Three Hotel Execs on What’s Ahead

Hotel executives

Hotel development and investment executives share where they think we are in the lodging cycle and their positioning for 2019.

1“It’s all about picking the right opportunities.”

“For us, it’s all about picking the 
right opportunities where we can create value. I’m not sure that, as an investor, now is the right time to ‘buy the market.’ As we go through the cycle, at some point there’s going to be a pullback, and I think we’re closer to the end of the cycle than we are to the beginning.”

Brian Waldman

Senior Vice President of Investments
Peachtree Hotel Group

2“I don’t see anything that’s out of balance.”

“I don’t see anything but positive things for our brand as well as the industry. I don’t see anything that’s out of balance that would lead to a slowdown within the next couple of years. I think [the industry] has done a pretty good job of controlling the new supply.”

Todd Hricko

Senior Vice President and Head of 
Global Hotel Development
Hard Rock International

3“We’re focused on getting ahead of that curve.” 

“Right now, we’re looking for 
opportunities with strong developers and hoteliers who have proven track records because they’ve been through the ups and downs and understand the industry as well as anyone. I am seeing signs that major renovations, repositionings, and PIPs are on their way back. We’re focused on getting ahead of that curve.”

Bill Wilhelm
R.D. Olson Construction