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In-room tablet

Creating a Captive Audience With In-Room Technology

In a day and age where consumers have an endless amount of information available at their fingertips and average attention span is at a record...
Technology investment, digital cloud

Three Technology Investments Hoteliers Should Consider for 2019

Admit it: When you first unboxed your Amazon Alexa, you thought it was going to change your world. Your favorite song would begin playing when...
Front-desk staff

Study Reveals How to Bridge the Personalization Gap to Meet Traveler Demands

Warren, N.J.—Emerging technologies have created opportunities for those in the hospitality industry to offer seamless, context-relevant, and personalized experiences. However, a new survey commissioned...
front desk

The New Wave of Hotel Customization

Over the last few years, the hotel business has attracted investment interest in all corners of the world. Yet the question remains: how should...
LATHER Soap - personalized amenities and experience

All About the Experience: Personalized Amenities

As more and more hotels cater to experience-seeking travelers, many of these properties are finding that classic amenities just aren’t cutting it. The solution?...