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Grab-and-go F&B

Four Things Hoteliers Should Know About Grab-and-Go F&B

Of all the disruptions the hotel industry has borne since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest was the upending of...
hotel stock

U.S. Hotel Results For Week Ending August 24

Hendersonville, Tenn.—The U.S. hotel industry reported positive year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 18-24 August 2019, according to...
Houston hotels

Five U.S. Markets With the Most Hotel Construction

Analysts at Lodging Econometrics (LE) recently reported the top five U.S. markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines in the first quarter of 2019....
U.S. hotel construction pipeline

Hotel Supply Growth in the Top 25 U.S. Markets Is Expected To Accelerate

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—Analysts at Lodging Econometrics (LE) reported this week that in 2018, new hotel supply growth reached 2 percent for the first time in...
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Five Cities with the Most Hotel Construction in the World

Lodging Econometrics recently released its Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report, which compiles the construction pipeline for every country and market in the world. Currently,...