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How Hotels Could Benefit From Bacteria-Killing Lighting

After her grandmother contracted MRSA during a hospital stay, Colleen Costello co-founded Vital Vio, a company that makes bacteria-killing lighting to combat the spread of harmful pathogens. Now Vital Vio’s CEO, Costello lists three things about bacteria-killing lighting that hoteliers should know. How do they work? “Germ-killing LED products excite certain molecules in microorganisms through photo-activation, which produces a reaction...

Benchmark To Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Plastic Straws
Houston, Texas—Benchmark announced plans to reduce its use of plastics in all 80 of its luxury hotels, resorts, and conference centers starting in 2019. The project, Single Use Plastic Reduction, will combine technology, policies and procedures, the introduction of sustainable products, and a messaging program to educate hotel staff and guests as to the importance of the initiative. “Benchmark is targeting three...

Sustainable Substitutes: Hospitality Is Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics, plastic straw
It’s no secret that items made from single-use plastic are bad for the environment. Luckily, as the topic gets more attention on a global scale, big companies are taking the initiative to reduce their overall plastic waste. Companies across all kinds of industries are changing from plastic convenience items to mostly paper-based substitutes, and Starbucks—the biggest major company to...

IHG to Remove Plastic Straws and Move Toward Bulk Bathroom Amenities

IHG cleaning plastic waste and plastic straws
IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) has announced plans to remove plastic straws from its more than 5,400 hotels worldwide by the end of 2019. Plastic straws have already been removed from nearly 1,000 IHG hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The company is also introducing bulk-size bathroom amenities to several hotel brands in the Americas as part...

Five Ways to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in Hotels

Food Waste
Up to a third of all food is discarded or spoiled prior to consumption, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. That's a stark contrast to the 800 million people around the world who do not have enough food. Even worse is the fact that 19 percent of all the waste found in landfills which...