STR: Besides Europe, Global Hotel Construction Activity is Down

Surviving an economic downturn

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee — Hotel construction activity is down Q1 2021 in comparison to Q1 2020. Europe is the only world region showing increased hotel construction activity, according to March pipeline data from STR.

March 2021 percent changes in comparison to March 2020:


In construction: 258,129 rooms (+26.9 percent)
Final planning: 181,101 rooms (+23.7 percent)
Planning: 155,615 rooms (-8.8 percent)

Germany (51,785) and the U.K. (36,919) lead Europe in total rooms in construction.

Asia Pacific

In construction: 462,795 rooms (-3.4 percent)
Final planning: 183,105 rooms (+17.5 percent)
Planning: 270,350 rooms (+4.0 percent)

Among countries in the region, China has the most rooms in construction (283,893), followed by Vietnam (28,657).

Middle East & Africa

In construction: 141,914 rooms (-1.9 percent)
Final planning: 45,680 rooms (-4.8 percent)
Planning: 53,567 rooms (-29.8 percent)

United Arab Emirates (43,032 rooms) and Saudi Arabia (37,150 rooms) lead in construction activity. Saudi Arabia tops the world in projected hotel supply growth over the next three years.


In construction: 240,635 rooms (-11.6 percent)
Final planning: 254,389 rooms (-13.4 percent)
Planning: 265,702 rooms (+2.8 percent)

The United States led the world in new hotel openings during Q1 2021, despite a year-over-year decline in construction activity. In addition to the United States, Mexico (14,491) and Canada (8,804) have the highest number of rooms in construction in the region.

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