Seven Hotel Bathroom Trends of 2019

To enhance guest experience in the areas that matter, hotel bathrooms across lodging segments are becoming more spacious with spa-like amenities and features. “Think about how much time is spent in the bathroom,” said Celine Marcotte, business development manager at GRAFF, Milwaukee-based manufacturer of luxury kitchen and bathroom products. When accommodating these travelers’ changing preferences, Marcotte emphasized the importance of ensuring investments in hotel bathrooms are sustainable. “Fittings and fixtures should be durable. Hotel groups don’t want to be changing out things too often, because you’re losing your investment. Plumbing should last 21 years and be able to withstand the abuse. Hotels shouldn’t have to compromise on aesthetics—durability means quality.”

LODGING touched based with Marcotte to discuss seven hotel bathroom trends of 2019 that are likely here to stay.

1Larger Showers Become a Focal Point

large showers as focal point

“We’re seeing that bathrooms are getting more spacious. Showers are taking up more space and are becoming a sort of focal point. Because the showers are gaining space, the built-in bathtubs are being removed.”

2Wellness-Centered Therapies

essential oil

“Health and wellness is another trend—there is a growing interest in features like aromatherapy, steam, chromatherapy, and music therapy.”

3Out-of-the-Box Tubs and Sinks

“Free-standing or stand-alone tubs are often outside the bathroom. It’s not rare to see tubs in the middle of the bedroom or in a space with a view to the outside. We have also done some installations where the sink can be found outside the typical bathroom. Especially when it’s a retrofit where the original bath is a bit small, hotels are keeping the toilet and showers inside and putting the tubs and the sink outside.”

4Textural Variety

“Texture-wise, we’re seeing a mix of different materials—such as wood, lots of white marble, and metallics combined together. In metallics, we’re seeing brush gold, black chrome, coppers, brass, and some living finishes that are coated—anything that looks authentic. The trend to metallics is nothing like standard chrome—there is more variety in the selection.”

5Setting the Tone With Faucets

“The bathroom faucet is becoming a sort of direction to the taste of the entire bathroom. Sometimes, it’s a work of art or it’s a driving element of the design. It sets the tone.”

6High-Tech Toilets

“We’re seeing more technology in the hotel bathroom, whether it’s a smart toilet, multifunction showerheads, or even speakers in the shower.”

7Water-Conserving Features

Low-flow showerhead

“Sustainability is also very present through intelligent solutions to water usage like high-performance, water-conserving faucets and fixtures that will reduce water use without sacrificing performance.”

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