Noise Complaints Top Online Hotel Reviews

An recent analysis of online guest reviews done by ReviewPro reveals that noise is the number one most common complaint by consumers in all but one city. The reviews came from 5,683 hotels in 20 key tourist destinations.

Except from Cape Town in South Africa, noise is among the five worst rated concepts in the remaining 19 cities—garnering more negative mentions than other complaints. Hotel “elevators” were the second-largest source of complaints, followed by negative mentions about “smells”, ReviewPro’s analysis shows. Negative references to air conditioning and heating systems are also worth noting, since they were highlighted in twice as many reviews as Internet issues.

ReviewPro based its findings on an analysis of 2,532,461 consumer reviews published during the prior 12 months for the following cities: Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cape Town, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Lyon, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, New Delhi, Paris, Rome, SaintPetersburg and Sydney.


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Photo Credit: Sleepless Woman via Bigstock