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Neura and Tripadvisor Partner to Share COVID-19 Transmission Risk Scores

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Neura, provider of an AI-powered behavioral intelligence platform, is partnering with Tripadvisor to provide COVID-19 transmission risk scores. Neura’s ViruSafe solution provides location safety scores based on real-life behavioral intelligence. The technology fuses anonymous, aggregated sensory mobile phone data with real-life behavioral distribution patterns and epidemiological data points. ViruSafe calculates transmission rates, pinpointing down to the neighborhood and building level, enabling people to make data-driven decisions.

“We’re excited to partner with Tripadvisor to provide the population at large with real-time visibility into COVID-19 safe areas,” said Amit Hammer, CEO of Neura. “By fusing epidemiological and behavioral data, Neura’s behavior intelligence platform provides the type of transparency that allows people to stay safe, gives them an increased peace of mind to move about freely, and throws a vital commercial lifeline to establishments in low-risk areas. It’s really a matter of safely, fueling economic regrowth while utilizing technology to not only live with—but thrive with—the virus.”

Neura’s ViruSafe solution, which powers Tripadvisor’s Crowdfree offering, can be embedded into any site, providing COVID-19 transmission risk visibility. Policymakers, healthcare professionals, and businesses use Neura’s real-time insights to monitor, control, and predict the spread of the virus. In addition to ViruSafe, Neura’s COVID-19 emergency response system includes Insights Dashboard’s for real-time visibility into COVID-19 spread, and ViruScore risk score prediction for faster and more accurate pool testing.


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