Netlink Voice, LLC, Acquired Ownership Interest in Phonesuite


JACKSON, Mississippi — Netlink Voice, LLC, a leading provider of unified communications and cloud technology solutions, announced it has acquired all ownership interest in Phonesuite, a hospitality voice communication platform.

Phonesuite and its subsidiary, Phonesuite Direct, will remain independent operations. With a nationwide reach and brand in the hospitality sector, the companies will now be supported by Netlink Voice’s financial strength, technology infrastructure, and shorter development cycle.

“Our plan is to keep the best of Phonesuite in place, including its strong market presence, network of resellers and integrators, and hotel industry technologists who know and understand the voice and data needs within the hotel industry,” said Nilay Patel, the CEO and chairman of Netlink Voice. “Important next-generation platform development will be accelerated by applying the Netlink Voice technology stack to the flagship Voiceware VoIP platform quicker and with a broader feature set than ever before. We are already developing our next-generation hospitality product.”

“The entire Phonesuite team—factory and Direct staff, resellers, channel partners, and end-users—will enjoy a big win from this important strategic move,” added Frank Melville, the co-founder of Phonesuite who will remain on as chief strategy officer. “We can now quickly add products and expand into adjacent markets that were previously out of reach for a company our size. More important, this deal ensures the legacy and future of Phonesuite as a stronger, better-equipped voice and overall hospitality communication-focused company.”


Like Melville, Patel grew up behind the front desk of a hotel and went on to start a telecom technology business. Netlink Voice had been a long-time Phonesuite reseller and is now poised to offer better communications products for the lodging industry.

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