Magnuson Launches National Marketing Campaign

Following its re-brand last week, Magnuson Hotels has launched a nationwide consumer marketing campaign as it continues to push ahead with its growth plans.

Using Magnuson’s signature star as a beacon, the new campaign asks customers to trust Magnuson as a reliable part of their individual journeys; “Whatever the occasion, follow the star”.

As well as dedicating a significant budget to a nationwide campaign, it will also be supported with local initiatives using the “follow the star” message for cities, regions, and specific hotels. These localized campaigns will be initiated in the Magnuson test hot spots of Clearwater and Nashville before being rolled out across the country.


The campaign will reach potential customers across the U.S. through a number of channels including billboards, online advertising, bus wraps and print ads.

“While Magnuson’s initial campaign burst will focus on providing better highway visibility for our hotels, we will continue to invest more than ever in our marketing outreach to keep the momentum going,” said company CEO Thomas Magnuson.