Magnuson Hotels Launches Rebranding Effort

After opening approximately 150 branded properties in the United States over the last 12 years, Magnuson Hotels is giving its brands—Magnuson Grand, Magnuson Hotels, and M Star Hotels—a facelift in a company-wide rebranding effort. This makeover will allow each property the flexibility to complement its own unique personality and location. The rebranding also includes an upgrade to Magnuson’s signage, with the new signs designed to provide maximum visibility from up to half a mile.

With the rebranding also comes a national marketing campaign targeted toward increasing consumer awareness. “Our decision to unveil an updated brand identity is the first stage in exporting our fast growing U.S. brand to a global audience,” says CEO Thomas Magnuson.

With this new identity, Magnuson is looking to expand through global partnerships with two of largest hotel groups in Asia and Europe, Jin Jiang and Louvre. This is one of the first marketing initiatives between the three groups, which together currently represent nearly 5,600 hotels and more than 500,000 rooms. The partnership will open up leisure, corporate, and travel agent bookings from more than 50 countries. The partnership is also expected to have a significant and positive impact on U.S. hotel affiliates.


Through these initiatives, Magnuson is looking to expand its reach while still staying true to its brand, its guests, and its franchisees. “Magnuson is a company run by real people, for real people,” Magnuson says. “We’re taking our marketing down to the local level of each hotel owner under our new rebranding platform. The company will donate 20 percent of each hotels’ brand fees back to the member hotel for local marketing. Local sports teams, little league, charities, billboards, AA—wherever they would like to contribute.”

Under the guidance of Magnuson marketing team, Stokenbrand, a creative agency based in the United Kingdom, will spearhead the rebranding initiative.