LODGING Innovators for 2017: Bed Phrame Lift

Bed Phrame Lift

The hotel industry is defined by its movers and shakers. Whether someone introduces an industry-disrupting technology or just executes a truly flawless renovation, those are the hoteliers and properties that people will remember. At the end of 2017, LODGING turned the spotlight on some of hospitality’s newest innovations for the year. 

Only some hotel rooms cater to the mobility-impaired, which means these guests frequently encounter beds that are too high to get into or too low to get out of. The Bed Phrame Lift levels a wheelchair to the height of a custom bed, making any hotel bed wheelchair accessible. The product, which is easy to transport and can be stored with rollaway beds, is lightweight and safe for staff to manage. Founder Anthony Amorello, who conducted a study and found that more mobility-impaired customers would travel more if this product were available at a hotel, says, “Every chair is different. Every bed is different. What this does is equalize the chair to the bed and give every person the ability to travel.”