TechnologyLock it Down: Hotel Security Trends

Lock it Down: Hotel Security Trends

Over the years, guests have watched hotel security become more comprehensive and technologically advanced. Cameras, electronic door locks, and digital room safes are all now standard fare.

Keeping guests and their belongings safe and secure requires commitment on the part of hoteliers to invest in security companies with a proven track record and that have committed the financial and human resources necessary to keep ahead of ever-evolving security technology.

One of these evolving technologies is also one of the buzziest trends in hotel security—the transition from key cards to “mobile keys.” Stephen Pollack, vice president of marketing for KABA, says, “This year and next will see a lot of new mobile access solutions being added to the marketplace.” A number of major chains, as well as many independently owned hotels, have already begun to use this form of room security. In general, they have found that it aids in driving their loyalty programs and cuts time off of check-in and check-out procedures. Some mobile keys even send alerts to guests’ phones to let them know if someone has entered their room while they were out. “From a hotel security standpoint, guests used to only get convenience or security. Now we have millennial travelers who always have their mobile devices and are aiding in the creation of a hotel experience that is both convenient and secure,” explains Pollack.

Managing the daily operations of a hotel also requires behind-the-scenes security. There are a number of comprehensive security systems available on the market that can sync security measures that are already in place (i.e., cameras and door locks) and provide measurable data. One such security system is the InvoTech SAMS, which tracks six security modules, including security logs, incident reports, patrol management, key and inventory tracking, and lost and found. According to Oswald Lares, director of sales and marketing for InvoTech, hotels take the security aspect of daily operations very seriously. “It’s crucial for security departments to have a reliable system where all the information can be recorded and stored. Security departments look for efficiency and control, and in today’s world it’s a necessity,” he says.

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