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Knowland and Uniguest Partner and Form Knowland Connector

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland and Uniguest announced a technology partnership resulting in the Knowland Connector, an interface making data integration with the Knowland Platform seamless across property-level systems.

The partnership addresses the ongoing challenges of complex and fragmented data across the hospitality technology stack. The Knowland Connector enables Knowland to electronically ingest data from different sources, including brand-specific and industry-standard sales and catering, digital signage, CRM, and PMS platforms.

  • Universal interface reduces friction: Integrates data from various sources to reduce friction for customers that previously had chosen to self-report meeting and event data. Eliminates the need for hotels to pull and submit data manually, saving time while reducing human error and improving data accuracy through automation.
  • Increases data accessibility and ubiquity: Improves data acquisition processes and is another indication of the trend of data companies coming together to integrate technologies and enrich data sets. Hotels will gain expanded data access and additional insights through the Knowland Connector.
  • Streamlines portfolio expansion: Helps hotel owners and asset managers bring newly acquired properties (or reflagged assets) online without custom development or a long integration development cycle. Integration into Knowland’s portfolio makes reporting seamless, reduces the cost and time to spin up new assets, and delivers the ability to focus on capturing group business market share.

Jeff Bzdawka, CEO, Knowland, said, “This type of partnership is a testament to the importance of data integration and software vendor collaboration. Leveraging Uniguest’s integration expertise will enable our clients to gain insights from a broader range of data types. We are excited to take the next step in the advancement of the Knowland platform by opening our data set to a wealth of new sources that can be incorporated effortlessly and, in turn, reveal a new world of opportunities for our clients.”

Jeff Hiscox, CEO, Uniguest, said, “Uniguest and Knowland are excited to finalize this partnership to create more efficiency and value for the Knowland Platform. Knowland is committed to continually improving data quality and quantity, and this partnership provides an opportunity for our two companies to deliver enhanced value to an extensive market beyond our shared customer base. Both chains and management companies are excited about the simplicity of data acquisition and the newly expanded data set available with the Knowland Connector.”

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