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Video: Inside Nantucket’s Hotel Pippa

In the heart of iconic Nantucket, Mass., Hotel Pippa brings energy and refinement to a beach getaway theme. Combining mid-century and modern design elements, the property exudes elegance and style, with a northern island-themed color palette, minimalistic furniture, and sophisticated décor.

The 17-room property has six different guestroom design concepts—each meant to convey a sense of calm beauty with a classic Nantucket vibe meant to transport guests into the town’s culture. Artwork is curated from local artists, giving the rooms vibrant pops of color and originality. Designer Giovanna Lucy encouraged a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in each room.

Galleries, cocktail lounges, restaurants, stores, showrooms, and spas are available nearby, and the hotel makes towels and beach chairs available for guests who want to sit on Nantucket’s famous beach. At night, off the lobby, Petrichor Wine Bar offers a worldly wine list and a relaxed environment for guests to enjoy a glass before a night on the town.