Three Leaders Comment on the State of Hospitality

Alex Tisch, Noah Silverman, and Pat Pacious on the state of hospitality

At ALIS, LODGING checked in with hotel leaders to hear their thoughts regarding the state of the hospitality industry. Here’s a quick look at what they had to say about the state of hospitality today.

“The mood is generally optimistic; the cycle end that everyone’s been talking about for the last five years seems to be lasting longer than expected, and people are enjoying it.”
Alex Tisch, EVP, Commercial & Business 
Development, Loews Hotels & Co.

“We need leadership in this country that recognizes the importance of international travel to the success of the American economy, and does what’s necessary to facilitate that growth in a way that ultimately benefits our businesses. Right now, trends are not going the way anyone would like to see them, and we ought to work to reverse that.”
Noah Silverman, Chief Development Officer, 
Full-Service Hotels, North America, Marriott


“The impact of tax reform and the existing health of the consumer market, with unemployment being low and consumer confidence being high, is good for the industry. From a developer perspective, people are out looking to do deals. Lending is also in a good place—not too restrictive or too out of control.”
Pat Pacious, 
President & CEO, Choice Hotels


Photo (left to right): Alex Tisch, Noah Silverman, and Pat Pacious