TechnologyHRI Hospitality Adopts Knowland's Portfolio Capture

HRI Hospitality Adopts Knowland’s Portfolio Capture

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland announced that HRI Hospitality (HRIH) adopted Knowland’s Portfolio Capture following a testing period. The product is a complement to the Knowland platform and was designed to provide a comprehensive, unified view of meetings and events business performance across an entire portfolio.

At a time of pressure on hospitality ROI, hotel ownership and management groups should understand how a property contributes to the portfolio’s overall performance. Portfolio Capture allows for roll-up reporting and benchmarking.

  • Comparing portfolio properties: The platform allows asset managers and ownership groups to benchmark properties in their portfolios against each other, make investment decisions, view competitive performance, and identify sales opportunities.
  • Standardized KPIs for each portfolio property relative to its competitive set and market: Portfolio properties can be compared against competitive sets and operating markets, giving context to current and past performance.

Chad Goodnough, senior vice president, sales and marketing, HRIH, said, “Using Portfolio Capture allows our team to see both individual and portfolio data for the meeting, group, and event market. Having access to the key performance indicators has increased efficiency and ensured the right selling strategies, resulting in a measurable positive impact on hotel revenues and market share.”

Patricia Shea, vice president, sales and customer success, Knowland, said, “Portfolio managers need a simple, fast solution to understand their relative market performance and the actions needed to improve ROI. We are thrilled to have HRI Hospitality be one of the first management companies to experience this innovative solution while leveraging the power of data to gain insight into their portfolio.”

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