Good Advice: Embracing Workforce Diversity

Kenneth FearnKenneth A. Fearn, founder and managing partner of Integrated Capital, LLC, has focused on promoting a diverse hospitality workforce throughout his career. He offers the following advice for hoteliers looking to encourage diversity in their hotels.

Recognize successes.
“Keep an open mind and know when you see a successful example of diversity at work.”

Push for support.
“Eight years ago, there was a real focus from the hotel companies around the importance of diversity in management and ownership. Today, you don’t hear as much discussion about the importance of diversity. We’ve had a lot of successes, but there’s quite a bit of work yet to be done. I’d really like to see the industry once again embrace the notion of diversity in ownership for minorities and women.”

Reinstate diversity programs.
“I think we’ve had such success that the programs focused on hotel ownership that used to be in place are no longer as prevalent. They exist on the supplier diversity side but not on the hotel ownership side. I’d really like the hotel brands to re-energize those programs not just to help the existing players in the industry grow, but to also embrace the next generation of hoteliers.”

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