TechnologyEurobuilding Hotels Group Enters Tech Development Business With Web-Based Mobile App

Eurobuilding Hotels Group Enters Tech Development Business With Web-Based Mobile App

Miami Springs, Fla. — Eurobuilding Hotels Group (EHG) has entered the technology development business. After several years of development, the global hotel company has made available to the industry its web-based mobile app that facilitates everything guests may need along their journey, from “Reservation to Review,” and without the need for guests to download an app. GuestHub is a solution designed to boost a hotel’s bottom line by taking better care of guests. It places guest-request task management and guest messaging at the core of operations, helping hotels to improve reviews, increase rooms revenue, and streamline operations by reducing staff workloads. EB Hotel Miami Airport is the first U.S. property to add GuestHub.

“As an independent brand, we needed technology even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic to help us operate better and stay ahead in guest satisfaction,” said Thomas Zarikian, owner of EB Hotel Miami Airport. “We don’t have a big brand behind us that would allow one too many slip-ups and still get demand for rooms. We need to impress our clients to stay ahead of the competition. Prior to GuestHub, there was no technology that met our comprehensive needs, or those available were simply too expensive and they required complicated integration with other apps or property technologies to do what we wanted them to do. So, Eurobuilding Hotels Group took it upon themselves to develop a single solution that helps its properties operate more efficiently and encourages employees to engage—after all, it’s not enough to just have an app; the staff must be willing to embrace it. The easier it is to adopt an app, the better the results. We found task orientation to be the key to engagement.”

Zarikian said GuestHub was built with the purpose of increasing sales, reducing costs, and being easy to use and configure. By engaging guests with relevant messaging prior to their arrival, the technology can help boost on-site sales. Once on-site, it facilitates digital check-in and mobile key and sends timely and relevant promotional messages to upsell service and make food and beverage or other service ordering process easier. When guests leave, it manages feedback, enabling the hotel to boost its online reputation and drive rates. In addition, GuestHub works with existing property technologies, such as Bbot, Clairvoix, Cloudbeds, hapi, Hkeeper,, IDEM Hospitality, Infor, Oaky, Oracle Hospitality, Socialtables, StayMyWay, Volara, Webrezpro, Zeus, and Zoox Smart Data.

Zarikian said GuestHub is proving to deliver five critical results to EB Hotel Miami: it prevents guests from having to wait for requested items and services; it helps employees to do their jobs better by ensuring that no work orders fall through the cracks; it provides fluid communication between staff and guests, and triggers immediate responses based on guest experiences; it increases onsite sales by digitalizing the food-and-beverage ordering process and protects employees by eliminating direct contact with guests; and it gives hoteliers data on guest requests and issues.

Carlos Vollbracht, product owner of GuestHub, said that the technology, “was developed by hoteliers; people who are actively managing hotels (vs. former hoteliers) to do what no single app can do as easily as GuestHub. This is important, because nothing beats the opportunity to fully test the technology before making it available to the industry.” Vollbracht added that in today’s environment where staffing issues are common, the technology “provides a way to reduce hotel labor costs, streamline operational efficiency, and emerge as an employer of choice for those willing to remain loyal to hospitality.”