Economic Insights from Hunter Hotel Investment Conference

At the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference, hotel executives talked about the factors that impact the U.S. travel industry. Here are their thoughts:

“Travel is, I think from a global perspective, something like 10 percent of the world’s exports. We in the U.S. obviously want our fair share of [global travelers]. We have to make sure that we always have a welcome mat out front.”

Liam Brown
President, Franchising, Owner Services,
and MxM Select Brands, North America,
Marriott International



“What I [have] found is that the markets differ greatly. We can’t lump all of the U.S. together and say, ‘Oh, it’s behaving this way
or that way.’”

David Kong
CEO, Best Western



“When people are feeling good about themselves, when people are feeling good about the economy, good about their future, they tend to be more willing to spend money and more willing to make investments… I am hoping that starts to carry through.”

Robert Sarver
CEO, Western Alliance Bank