Duetto: Summer 2021 May Outperform Summer 2019 in Latin America

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The latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report, which tracks data from April 2021, shows continued good news for the United States heading into summer. The latest data shows strong activity in terms of pick up, web traffic, and pace. It backs the prediction that June and July 2021 in Latin America may outperform June and July 2019.

For March 2021 data, Duetto reported June and July 2021 were ahead of pace in Latin America compared to the same time in 2019. The data signifies the first time a region is pacing ahead of pre-pandemic levels. April 2021’s data, however, shows even more improvement, with June 2021 ahead of June 2019 by 9 percent and July by 5 percent, suggesting that summer 2021 has the potential to outperform summer 2019 in terms of performance.

In terms of pick-up, however, Latin America is showing some volatility. May 2021 is showing another substantial increase for bookings across the region (52 percent), but it is not quite as high as the increase observed in April 2021 (110 percent).

There is a trend of positive news for North America, with net bookings in April 2021 rising compared to bookings made in previous months. However, the rate of growth from March to April slowed compared to the growth between February and March.


There also seems to be an appetite for travel across the United States this summer. Web searches for May grew by another 20 percent month-over-month. June is predicted to grow by 100 percent for North America. In addition, web traffic in Latin America shows signs of positive momentum with growth on top of the previous month’s totals: May plus 7 percent, June plus 11 percent, July plus 16 percent, and August plus 19 percent.

“The U.S. pace remains off-the-charts from Memorial Day to Labor Day with new bookings up 81 percent compared to last month’s 150 percent month-over-month increase,” said Lloyd Biddle, director of enterprise solutions for Duetto. “We also see Latin America on-the-books rooms up 43 percent, which is ahead of the prior year by a 13 percent higher average daily rate.”

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