Bookings Continue To Pick Up, But There’s Still No Room For Complacency

New York City

Duetto’s latest Pulse Report has shown some promising signs in North America, with data showing significant increases in bookings, web traffic, and pace thanks to Labor Day. But, while the signs are good, levels are still down compared to the same period last year, reminding the industry that it’s not out of the woods yet.

The report, which tracks activity from August 24-September 6, shows the United States as a whole with significant increases compared to the previous Pulse Report, which saw the pace increase by a quarter of a million bookings.

The best performing states in terms of net pick up proved to be Colorado, Nevada, and Louisiana. While New York State did not generate any exceptional numbers, it is worth mentioning that net new pick up in the region increased 67 percent. New York City was up by 66 percent.

In contrast, Hawaii did not fare so well and actually contracted, showing a net new pick up that was down 6 percent compared to the last Pulse Report.


“Every single state saw an increase in net new reservations, with the exception of Hawaii, which is not surprising as it’s hard to drive there,” explained Daniel Lofton, director of hospitality solutions, Americas, Duetto. “There were several states across the country showing significant positive net pick up, such as Louisiana, which saw a 600 percent increase. California and New York are both up for the first time in a while. While this seems positive, we have to remember we are starting from the bottom. In California, especially San Francisco, some of this pick up maybe those seeking refuge from the wildfires, while in Los Angeles the uptick is most likely to be Labor Day weekend.”

Positive Growth for Latin America

Latin America reported a large uptick in bookings for September, with an increase of 254 percent compared to the last Pulse Report. For the first time, Duetto reported growth in new bookings beyond the 30-day window. New pick up for October stays are up by 129 percent, and November stays by 203 percent.

While Mexico continues to be a key contributor to this success, showing progress in the right direction, Duetto did see a lesser degree of growth there than previously. Bookings, in general, are picking up—look-to-book web traffic into Latin America has not been as impressive as some of the other major markets. For the rest of 2020, it averages a 37 percent increase, which is a decrease in growth compared to what Duetto reported two weeks ago.


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