BLLA Launches Digital Job Postings Section on its Website


The BLLA team—including its Leadership and Committee members—felt there was a need to address the burgeoning issues including labor shortage and finding people to fill important roles at hotels. In response to this issue, BLLA began work on a digital job postings site located on its website under the heading CAREERS.

The goal for employers and hotel owners is to not fill the empty spots but find the leading professionals to fill those most important roles and positions. The CAREERS page will be a hub for job postings in the boutique space and will develop into a career center for those wishing to join the boutique hospitality sector.

BLLA’s COO Ariela Kiradjian commented, “We are so excited to finally bring this to fruition after months of planning including with our IT team and with the association’s key leadership. We expect it to grow to rich content within the first six months, offering both hotels and job seekers a focused channel to connect to.”

The BLLA heard that its member hotels needed support in finding the right talent. With a growing shortage of labor in the hospitality industry, a dedicated channel was needed to focus only on the independent boutique hotels, which have needs that can be different than other hotels.


The first iteration of the CAREERS section is currently slowly rolling out.

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