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Riggs Washington DC

How the New Riggs Washington DC Emerged Stronger After Double-Dip Openings

Dieter Schmitz, regional general manager of Riggs Washington DC, recalls the dark days following the announcement of the nationwide business shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant Riggs, which was developed and is...
NYU Hospitality Conference 2020 Policy Panel

Getting to the Other Side: Association Leaders Put Their Heads Together on Policy Matters

As has become nearly de rigueur since the pandemic, the recent 42nd Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference was held virtually November 6-12 to provide the latest information on trends and forecasts. A...
River House at Odette’s (Photo credit: Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.)

Bumps in the Road: Opening Obstacles for Odette’s

Although River House at Odette’s in New Hope, Pa., finally started welcoming guests in fall 2020, its path to opening was most definitely fraught. As Ron Gorodesky, president and CEO of the hotel management...
Ethical ambiguity

The Right Thing: Strategies for Dealing with Ethical Ambiguity in the Workplace

Addressing the topic “Understanding the Ambiguity of Ethics” at CYBER HITEC on October 29, Dr. Judy Holcomb, CHAE, stressed the difficultly of navigating ethically ambiguous situations that exist even in the typically less nuanced...
Staying afloat amid coronavirus / COVID-19

CPA Talks Prospects and Strategies for Dealing With the ‘New Normal’ at CYBER HITEC

One thing the current pandemic has made clear is that, for better or for worse, there’s just no telling what the future will bring. Ryan McAndrew, CPA, senior manager, assurance services, from the audit,...