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The most recent China Hotel Construction Pipeline Trend Report states that the total pipeline is at 2,340 projects/525,640 rooms, down 7 percent by projects year-over-year (YOY), according to Lodging Econometrics (LE).

There are 1,671 projects/357,466 rooms under construction, down 11 percent by projects YOY. Projects scheduled to start in the next 12 months, at 285 projects/66,192 rooms, are down by just one project while projects in early planning at 384 projects/101,982 rooms are up 12 percent by projects.

The largest global franchise companies in the China Construction Pipeline by project are: Marriott International with 234 projects/67,883 rooms, Hilton Worldwide with 230 projects/63,088 rooms and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with 218 projects/59,784 rooms. The leading brands in the pipeline for each of these companies are: Marriott Hotels with 50 projects/16,069 rooms, Hilton Hotels with 67 projects/24,058 rooms and IHG’s Holiday Inn Express with 68 projects/15,291 rooms.

The markets with the largest pipelines by project count are: Shanghai with 125 projects/23,252 rooms, Guangzhou with 100 projects/20,129 rooms, Suzhou with 88 projects/17,166 rooms and Chengdu with 82 projects/20,765 rooms.

Shanghai and Guangzhou have had the two largest pipelines for each of the last 11 quarters. They will also open the most hotels over the next 12 months; 56 hotels/7,551 rooms in Shanghai and 38 hotels with 5,322 rooms in Guangzhou.

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—According to analysts at Lodging Econometrics (LE), the most recent Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline Trend Report, excluding China, states that the Total Pipeline has 1,554 projects/312,766 rooms, down 2 percent by projects year-over-year (YOY).

There are 844 projects/174,302 rooms under construction, up 3 percent by projects YOY. Projects Scheduled to Start Construction in the next 12 months are at 325 projects/68,923 rooms, up a strong 27 percent, while projects in early planning at 385 projects/69,541 rooms are down by 18 percent.

The top hotel companies in the Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline, excluding China, are: Marriott International with 238 projects/53,986 rooms, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with 121 projects/28,278 rooms, and Hilton Worldwide with 70 projects/15,281 rooms. The largest brand in the Pipeline for each of the these companies are: Marriott Hotels with 29 projects/7,930 rooms, IHG’s Holiday Inn with 45 projects/11,676 rooms and Hilton Hotels with 24 projects/6,102 rooms.

The top three countries in the Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline, excluding China, are: Indonesia with 372 projects/61,832 rooms, India with 247 projects/38,386 rooms and South Korea with 182 projects/40,339 rooms. Cities with the largest pipelines are: Seoul with 154 projects/30,456 Rooms, Jakarta with 112 projects/20,410 rooms, Kuala Lumpur with 48 projects/11,752 rooms and Tokyo with 48 projects/10,946 rooms.

At the International Hotel Investment Forum, CEOs from five major hotel companies discussed the importance of differentiation and thinking with a fresh perspective. While it is important to compete against OTAs, they said focusing on the quality of existing hotels should come first, including attracting new talent. Read more here.

According to a new study from Sojern, 73 percent of searches for economy hotels came from a mobile device in 2016. Roughly 62 percent of searches for midscale properties were through mobile devices. Additionally, 53 percent of upscale hotel searches were through mobile. To read more, click here.

The state of Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s revised travel ban, claiming it will harm Hawaii’s Muslim population, tourism, and foreign students. The executive order will go into effect March 16 and will deny new visas for individuals from six primarily Muslim countries, although it will not apply to those who already have visas. Read more here.

After a slow 2016, Europe is experiencing a strong resurgence in bookings. Travel company Trafalgar says that for the first time in 15 years, it was able to lock in 100 percent of summer bookings, but changing visa requirements could pose a threat. Read more here.

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