The Renwick Hotel Opening Summer 2015

NEW YORK—In early summer 2015, The Renwick, a 173 room hotel, will open at 118 E. 40th Street. The product of a developing partnership between Interstate Hotels & Resorts, hotel Asset Value Enhancement, and Meadow Partners, The Renwick will bring fresh focus on luxury with a modernistic approach.

“Future guests of the Renwick can expect an unrivaled experience: one where comfort meets curiosity to ignite the spark of creativity” said Deborah Alarcon, general manager. “A distinct departure from the surrounding neighborhood, this new luxury lifestyle hotel will infuse midtown Manhattan with the culture, vibrancy and style of downtown, resulting in a must-experience and refreshing destination for travelers and locals alike.”

The hotel takes its name from James Renwick, Jr., the highly acclaimed architect best known for his design of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Built in 1928 with the intention of housing artists, the residential building’s infrastructure was comprised of oversized artist’s studios and lofts that proved conducive to creative work needs. Overtime, the building became a mainstay for aspiring creative types and intellectuals, eventually evolving into a long-stay hotel frequented by prominent literary figures such as John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas Mann.


Architect and interior design firm Stonehill & Taylor has been tapped to execute the project. The property’s 173 loft-style guestrooms, including 33 spacious suites, will feature custom-furnishings made to reference items found in an artist’s studio such as easel-inspired television stands, desks reminiscent of the artist’s work bench, nightstands intended to mimic flat file cabinets, and a patterned carpet that simulates paint-splattered concrete. A minimalist, masculine color palette will feature a bold band of ink permeating from the foot of the bed through the leather-tufted headboard and onto the ceiling.

The hotel offers no framed artwork, and instead spotlights functional art sourced by local New York City artists. Three-dimensional coat hangers double as enlarged ink blots protruding from the walls upon room entrance, and hand-sculpted ceramic pencil holders will sit upon each guestroom desk.

The Renwick is expected to feature a number of curated local luxurious amenities catering to the savviest of modern travelers with a quirky and modern take on what it means to be a New York luxury hotel. The Renwick will offer a fitness facility, a destination dining establishment, and a modern lobby space complete with three-dimensional art.