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The Benjamin Launches Curated Fitness Regimes

New York City—The Benjamin, a newly redesigned luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan, has recently expanded its wellness services beyond its renowned sleep program to partner with SIN Workouts to offer elevated fitness experiences.

After an initial consultation with a SIN fitness concierge to assess fitness levels and goals, guests can opt to be whisked away by car service and embark on of one New York’s elite private studio workouts, such as spin at Flywheel or a fat-blasting Barry’s Bootcamp session. If a guest is intimidated by the boutique wellness scene or just needs a little motivation to get out of their comfortable Benjamin bed, a fitness concierge will accompany guests to class. From laundry service pickup to one-on-one training sessions, each and every detail can be put in the hands of SIN to ensure optimum fitness and productivity.

SIN, which represents Strength In Numbers, has identified all of the barriers that inhibit people from incorporating fitness into their lives, with a focus on accountability, motivation, and fun in the city’s top studios with industry-leading instructors. Some New York City workout routines, many held in boutique fitness studios, include spin classes, boot camps, yoga, marathon training, and other personalized sessions. One-on-one fitness and nutrition consultations, customized class schedules, text reminders for classes, and even assistance in navigating menus for healthy options at New York City’s top restaurants, are all available through a dedicated SIN fitness concierge while staying at The Benjamin.

“Not only does a good sweat manage stress levels by increasing levels of the feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, but it can boost memory and learning capacity by increasing the production of cells in the hippocampus. Success and sweat go hand in hand in more ways than one,” said Vanessa Martin, CEO of SIN Workouts.

The Benjamin offers two levels of SIN Workout sessions, the Sinner and Sinner Elite. Both services include a full consultation with a SIN fitness concierge and one workout. The elite option affords guests the opportunity to have a SIN representative meet them at their workout and take the class with them. The SIN services will be offered to guests on an individual basis as well as for corporate groups, bachelorette parties, and milestone celebrations.