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PTAC unit hotel room

How PTAC Problems Become Bad Reviews—and What To Do About It

The goal of any hotel owner is to keep guests happy. Owners have tried everything from fresh-baked cookies in the lobby to more freebies...

Building a Better Toolkit

While every hotel has different needs, here are some essentials that are useful in a toolkit across properties, segments, and locations. Decibel meter (guestroom...
Predictive Insights

‘If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’

Listen to this article. What’s the “cost” of a guestroom? Some consider it to be the dollar amount associated with the housekeeping labor involved in...

Streamlining Maintenance Across an Entire Hotel Portfolio

Significantly growing a hotel portfolio comes with its own set of challenges. Oldham Goodwin Group found that out first hand after growing its hotel...