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BWH Hotel Group Adds New Properties in North America, Europe, and Asia

PHOENIX, Arizona—BWH Hotel Group continued its growth in select regions across the globe with the addition of several new properties in North America, Europe,...
Vignette Collection

IHG’s Vignette Collection Announces 14 Properties in First Year of Growth

Vignette Collection, the latest addition to IHG’s Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, celebrates the first anniversary of its inaugural property opening, Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude...
travelers on a roadtrip using their phone on vacation

HotStats: Q1 2022 Hotel Performance Ends Strong

According to HotStats, Q1 2022 hotel performance ended strong with March profit surging across most global regions, a sign of stronger revenues, better conversion...

HotStats: Global Hotel Industry Shows Strong Performance in February

HotStats reported that February was a stronger month all around for the global hotel industry, but escalating line item expenses could derail what’s already...
hotel construction

STR: 2021 Global Hotel Construction Activity Updates and Comparisons

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Asia Pacific is the only world region showing increased hotel construction activity in comparison with the end of Q4 last year, according to...