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Motel 6 and Its Partners Work to Make Winter Sports More Accessible

DALLAS—For the second year in a row, Motel 6 is working to make winter sports more accessible to children and individuals across the United...
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Combatting Digital Inaccessibility: Lodging Facilities Can Increase Equity

The hospitality sector has been quick to digitize the customer experience. Hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts routinely provide digital offerings, starting with online...
Hotel website accessibility standards

Four Proactive Measures To Meet Website Accessibility Standards

Carol C. Lumpkin and Stephanie N. Moot, partners at the Miami office of K&L Gates, advise businesses with websites to take the following steps...
Hotel online accessibility standards hotel online accessibility standards

Meeting Online Accessibility Standards

The tide of website accessibility lawsuits sweeping across the country shows no sign of receding. These lawsuits generally allege that a business’ website is...
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Ensuring Hotel Websites Are ADA Compliant

Hotels, as places of public accommodation, have long been targets of lawsuits by individuals and public advocacy organizations under Title III of the Americans...