Hotel Room Revenue in Oregon Increased 8 Percent in 2017

Creater Lake National Park, Travel Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore.—In 2017, Oregon’s travel and tourism industry experienced its eighth consecutive year of growth, generating record revenues for the state and its businesses, according to independent findings by Dean Runyan Associates and released by Travel Oregon. Travel-related spending throughout the state increased by $500 million last year, reaching a record $11.8 billion—a 4.7 percent increase over the previous year. Oregon destinations hosted 28.8 million overnight visitors, with hotel room revenue throughout the state increasing by 8 percent.

Visitors who stay overnight in commercial lodging properties throughout Oregon typically have the greatest economic impact, according to the report, which found that the greatest share of hotel stays was concentrated in Oregon’s urban areas.

The travel industry is one of the top three export-oriented industries in rural Oregon counties. The Travel Oregon report, which provides detailed estimates of statewide, regional, and county travel impact, also finds that along with growth in spending and revenue, the number of Oregonians directly employed in the industry rose to 112,200, a 2.2 percent increase over the prior year as the travel industry added more than 2,700 new jobs across the state. According to the findings, the secondary impacts from the re-spending of travel-generated revenues by businesses and employees were equivalent to 58,300 jobs in 2017, with earnings of $2.8 billion.



Photo: Crater Lake National Park in Oregon (Source: Pixabay)