Knowland Introduces Market Snapshot Feature for Understanding Data Insights

hospitality technology - business person on tablet with analytics

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland introduced Market Snapshot, which delivers data insights sales leaders can use to understand markets, define sales strategies, and grow group business share.

In an ever-changing competitive landscape, hospitality professionals should understand how market trends change and define those impacting their business. Property leaders and sales managers often only have the ability to examine their own trends, making it impossible to see the landscape of their market. Market Snapshot offers insights into market performance as part of everyday selling.

  • Identify KPIs to benchmark market performance—Market Snapshot helps sales directors and general managers better gauge overall market performance by providing access to booking trends, the average number of bookings per property, along with estimated attendees and meeting space utilization. This data insight helps sales leaders visualize performance over time with comparison date ranges to guide sales strategy based on market trends.
  • Gain the ability to learn market segmentation—Enables focused sales actions based on accounts driving a market. By understanding market segmentation, sales teams can isolate the industries generating business in their markets for specific bookings and accounts.
  • Discover shifts in meeting size trends—Helps uncover opportunities and threats from shifting market conditions by showing meeting space trends. Delivers the ability to recognize and pinpoint when smaller or larger properties become competitors.

Kristi White, chief product officer, Knowland, said, “In today’s shifting market, it’s important to quickly discover and identify group business trends to ensure properties take full advantage of the opportunities in their market to drive their success. We developed Market Snapshot to provide sales teams with an in-depth view of the market fueled by booking data in a simple action-ready view. By unleashing the power of self-service market analytics, Market Snapshot enables teams to quickly find answers to key questions and share those insights easily at the property and above-property levels.”

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