Forbes Travel Guide Adds 18 New Five-Star Hotels

    Forbes Travel Guide today unveiled its 57th list of worldwide star rating recipients, including 18 new five-star hotels, 46 new four-star hotels, and 26 new hotels in the recommended category. This year, the company welcomed its first star-rated properties in Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, Japan, and Thailand. As new regions of the world are rated, the number of five-star hotels now totals 115—the most in Forbes Travel Guide’s history. The company also named 10 new five-star restaurants, bringing the total to 55. Seven new spas achieved Forbes Travel Guide’s highest honor, pushing the tally to 48 five-star spas. It also recognized a total of 336 four-star hotels, 192 four-star restaurants, and 163 four-star spas, as well as its list of 100 recommended hotels and 60 recommended restaurants.