Caesars Entertainment

A global leader in the hospitality, entertainment, meetings and convention, and gaming industries, Caesars Entertainment operates more than 50 resorts and casinos across the globe. Their 80+ years of best-in-class integrated resort operations and unmatched development expertise makes them one of the most experienced operators in the world. Upcoming projects include Harrah’s Northern California, Caesars & Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, and Caesars Palace Puerto Los Cabos.

» Ownership split (U.S. properties) | 41, all franchised
» Rewards program |Total Rewards
» Length of contract | 20 years
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Brand NameWhat It's AboutChain ScaleFranchise FeesTarget CustomersU.S. Properties
Caesars Palace> Since: 2017Iconic and modern, provides indulgent comfort and personalized service that anticipates guests' every need.LuxuryApplication: $500/room
Royalty: 5%+2% GRR
Marketing: 2% GRR
Experience aficionados, quality enthusiasts, splurge seekers,
global explorers
Flamingo> Since: 2017A one-of-a-kind retreat with contemporary touches of a vibrant past, captivating dining, entertainment, and service that channel the essence of classic Vegas.UpscaleApplication: $500/room
Royalty: 5%+2% GRR
Marketing: 2% GRR
Seeks destinations and experiences with character and flair, plans around pleasure and relaxation1
The Cromwell> Since: 2017An intimate lifestyle boutique hotel that provides a distinct and curated experience because of its decadent design, eclectic nightlife, and signature dining offerings.Luxury Lifestyle BoutiqueApplication: $500/room
Royalty: 5%+2% GRR
Marketing: 2% GRR
Seeking the "it" place to be, high-end perks, and exceptional service, or a cure from the common business trip1
The Linq> Since: 2017A 360° multi-sensory lifestyle, hospitality, and entertainment destination that promotes discovery and makes every guest feel as if they can create their own unique and sharable experience.Upscale select-serviceApplication: $500/room
Royalty: 5%+2% GRR
Marketing: 2% GRR
Social in nature and migrates towards energized environments to interact with friends and their social networks simultaneously1

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