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Budgetel Plus Inn & Suites Opens in Helen, Georgia

The north Georgia mountain town of Helen has become home to the country’s first Budgetel Plus Inn & Suites, which opened as a two-floor, 54-room conversion from Jameson Inn.

Helen is also the site of a two-floor, 32-room Haven Inn & Suites and a two-floor, 57-room AmeriVu Inn & Suites, making it the only city to operate a hotel under each of the three flags offered by Hospitality Lodging Systems (HLS).

“As things change in our post-pandemic hotel industry, more and more owners are changing to less restrictive and more profitable brand relationships,” explained Doug Collins, chairman and CEO of HLS. “For example, our contract offers a quicker economic rebound with features such as free unlimited internet reservations and a low monthly fixed fee for royalty/marketing.”

Located about 90 miles from downtown Atlanta, Helen is Georgia’s third most-visited city because of its Bavarian-style architecture, nearby vineyards, and a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

Atlanta-based HLS began operating in 2014 with the Budgetel Plus Inn & Suites and Haven brands, then added AmeriVu in 2016. Budgetel now operates 37 properties, AmeriVu Inn & Suites operates 21, and Haven Inn & Suites operates nine.

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