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Kelsey Fenerty is a research analyst at STR.
Pricing trends

Pricing Trends: Class-Level Patterns and the Impact of Inflation

Over the past two years, class-level hotel occupancy has served as a proxy to track the recovery of different industry segments. The lower-tier, leisure-based classes have led occupancy recovery since the early days of...
Hotel guestroom

Hotel Segmentation: Understanding U.S. Demand Patterns Amid Pandemic Shifts

The pandemic has no doubt created a shift in the U.S. hotel demand mix, but while deviations from historical trends have been aplenty, recent data shows a return of seasonal patterns. With concerns persisting...
A woman watches TV in a hotel room

Unique Advantage: Soft Brands Positioned to Recovery Quickly

One week ahead of the long-awaited Memorial Day weekend, U.S. soft brand hotels reached the 50 percent occupancy mark for the first time since March 2020. For soft brands, which are collections of unique...
Rural sunrise

Holding On: The Resilience of Rural Hotels

Per STR, rural hotels are defined as hotels found in submarkets with a population density below 150 people per square mile, or the first quartile of total submarkets by population density. Key performance indicators...
Extended-Stay Hotel

Extended-Stay Hotels Remain Attractive To Hoteliers and Guests

Hoteliers are continuing to enjoy strong performance in the extended-stay segment. These hotels’ home-like amenities are responsible for their rising popularity among travelers, and a profitable operating model is fueling further development. Additionally, the...