Benchmarking Survey Reveals 2017 Hotel Employee Benefits


Schaumburg, Ill.–Assurance, an independent insurance brokerage company, recently conducted an employee benefit benchmarking survey for the hotel industry, with results showing industry averages on employee health insurance contributions, employer health insurance costs, plan design/coverage offerings, as well as statistics around non-medical benefit offerings.

“This survey helps hotels understand whether or not they’re competitive from a benefit program cost and coverage perspective,” Chris Zweidinger, an Assurance principal leading the initiative, explained. “The survey has produced valuable data that hotels can use when evaluating options for their own specific properties.” Zweidinger said that the reason behind the survey was, “to collect and share employee benefits program information with the hotel industry on an aggregate level that has previously been unavailable, such as industry averages with benefit program offerings as well as best practices.”

Some featured survey results include:

  • 26 percent of all respondents have a partially self-insured health plan
  • 66 percent of all respondents offer a high deductible health plan (HDHP)
  • Of the 66 percent that offer a HDHP, 40 percent contribute to health savings accounts
  • 25 percent of hotel employers have a wellness program

“It’s fantastic to see the majority of hotels surveyed are embracing the consumerism model and attempting to take greater control of their medical claims costs. With only 25 percent of hotels offering wellness programs, there remains a significant opportunity to further engage employees in their healthcare which pays dividends through reduced absenteeism, lower workers’ comp claims, as well as an enhanced employee culture,“ Zweidinger said.