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Revisiting Solar Energy for Hotels

Solar energy was once a popular option for commercial venues, but when excitement around this renewable energy source waned, other trends started to take its place. Right now, the hospitality industry is focused on...

Are Guests and Hotels Ready for Chatbots?

Understanding and predicting customers’ online behavior helps travel and hospitality businesses better anticipate and meet guests’ needs. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity for hospitality brands to deploy chatbots, automated software that interacts...

Hotel del Coronado Joins Hilton’s Curio Collection

Hotel del Coronado, a historic property located along the Pacific Coast in Southern Calif., will celebrate its 130th anniversary by joining the Curio Collection by Hilton. The hotel, colloquially known as “The Del,” was built...

Poppin’ Panels: Bold Acoustic Design

Acoustical panels have traditionally been designed to be very unobtrusive. However, some companies are moving away from beige panels that blend into the walls for bright, colorful options that dare to be ignored. One...
The Plymouth Hotel

Checking Out The Plymouth Hotel

Inspired by classic Miami Beach culture and glamour, the reimagining of the Plymouth Hotel emulates the property’s original 1940s architecture and design. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Plymouth was repurposed into army dorms...
The Rossi Hotel

A Bygone Era: The Rossi Hotel

For more than a decade, the Palm Springs, Calif.-based San Guiliano Hotel was renowned for its unique suites and mountainside views. In February 2017, following a period of renovations, the San Guiliano reopened its...